Subject: Re: curiosity killed my alpha?
To: <>
From: Francis. Javier Mesa <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 07/13/2003 18:32:30
> Ok, so I was bored, tinkering around in SRM. I had just halted NetBSD, which
> is (was?) installed and working perfectly.
> I typed help, got a list of commands. So, out of curiosity, I typed 'nt'.
> It said something about ARC and the screen went black and it rebooted. Now
> the screen never comes on, nor does it boot. I have no idea what 'nt' does,
> but does anybody on this list have a clue as to how I can get it working
> again? Its configuration is:
> AlphaStation 600 5/266
> 266mhz 21164, 128MB RAM
> Monitor hooked up to the video card that came with it, keyboard hooked up to
> the keyboard port. On the scsi bus there is a plextor ultraplex wide scsi
> cd-rom and a western digital sca hard drive connected to the fast-wide bus
> via an sca->68pin adapter.
> Any help is very much appreciated. I had this thing working before I went
> and got curious. :\

I believe that you forced ARC to switch to AlphaBios which is what NT
expects, theoretically you should be seeing the alphabios screen but
something went wrong I guess.

Have you tried hooking up a serial terminal to the machine, to see if its
outputing something over the serial console?

Here are the firmware links for the AS600: