Subject: Re: Pointer to X sources for Alpha 3000 M700 with pmag-b card
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 07/10/2003 01:49:25
Followup to a prior posting...

After a small bout of head scratching and hair pulling, it
turns out that the original pmag-b (cfb) cards I had been
trying to use only work on tcwscons, and not on X.  Drat!
Some perusing of the junk box surfaced a pmag-c card
(not syncing with the VR297 monitor), and a pmagb-b (sfb)
card (also not syncing).  But, the pmagb-b has a clock
speed jumper on that card, and after jumpering the clock
(dunno what it does, but it fixed the speed so it would
finally sync), it finally ran X, with a horrible alignment skew.
More hair pulling, and a total realign on the VR297, and
finally, the pmagb-b (sfb) card is properly running X on
the VR297 monitor.  Thanks be to noone ever removing
the alignment tool from the inside of the VR297 case!


Geesh, ..... what we do to play X on Alphas!

I am curious why the pmag-b (cfb) cards can't run with X?
X errors out with a frame buffer not supported message.
It might be nice if that card could be made to work with X?
Any insights are appreciated.


Bob Keys