Subject: RE: A newbie wishes to learn more about NetBSD/Alpha asm
To: None <>
From: Stefan Edwards <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 06/20/2003 05:56:47
>===== Original Message From =====
>any url's anyone could send my way concerning programming in asm for
>NetBSD alpha would be very helpful. I have made a start by buying a Alpha
>description manual but I need more documentation to help me understand
>some things done in the code snippet in the netbsd documentation.
>much appreciation,
>Michael Litchard
>SDF Public Access UNIX System -
Compaq has a pretty good site, albeit it is for Tru64...

There is also Chris Demetriou's DEC Docs, although I am unsure how much they 
relate to programing. I liked the Compaq site alot though. Hope this helps,
 Bis Dann!
 -- LiteStar [Stefan Edwards]