Subject: KZPAC not recognizing 10k disks
To: None <>
From: Ernst du Toit <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 06/01/2003 22:55:57
Hi All

I've finally gotten this AS800 5/333 to the stage where I can start to install NetBSD on it. Thanks for all the assistance so far.

The box came with two Compaq 9.1GB 7200 rpm disks (Model: BB00911CAO) disks. I added two Compaq 9.1GB 10k disks (Model: HD0093172C). The 7k2 rpm disks are Wide Ultra2 SCSI and the 10k disks are Wide-Ultra-SCSI-3 from the labels on the drives.

Running the ARCCF tool from the ARC BIOS I get into the KZPAC configuration and can see the 7k2 prm disks reporting as RDY. The 10k disks are missing. All the disks seems to behave the same looking at the disk activity lights when the KZPAC probes the SCSI bus.

As test I connected the SCSI cage to the onboard Qlogic card. I could install NetBSD on the first 7k2 disk and label the rest of the disks without any problems.

So, is the KZPAC passed it usefulness? (BTW, the KZPAC is on firmware v2.7)

Can I configure RAIDframe as RAID-5 and boot from that, or am I stuck in RAID-1 for booting?