Subject: RUN/STOP switch or "Why can I no longer boot from CD?"
To: None <>
From: Fredrik Axelsson <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 03/28/2003 20:20:42

I have some problem with a Alpha Personal Workstation 433au. While =
trying to
solve some other problems I have booted the box in AlphaBIOS (ARC) a few
times. But now when I have switched back to SRM I can no longer boot =
the CD. The error message I get is:

"dka0. has no media present or is disabled via the RUN/STOP =

Does anyone know what went wrong? I have tried with three different CD:s
that worked perfectly before my trip into the AlphaBIOS. None of those =
working any longer.

Note: I have not changed any hardware.

Fredrik Axelsson