Subject: Re: Howdy... again :)
To: None <>
From: Christian von Kleist <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 03/27/2003 10:59:19

     Just FYI:  21164's @ 600MHz can be had on eBay for very cheap.  One
person regularly sells them with a "But it Now" price of $40 each.

c v k @ z y b x . c o m

<quote who="Collin Baillie">
>> back! I've just bought an AlphaServer 4100 without CPU's or RAM for
>> about $110 US.  I'll be building it over time. Can't wait to have 4 x
>> 5/600's
> and
> Forgot to mention, this came with 2 x storageworks bays with 2 power
> modules each and 6 x 4.3gb disks each, 3-channel raid card, DDS2 drive,
> cdrom, floppy, graphics adaptor, power distribution board. Everything
> BUT the cpu's and ram.
> Collin