Subject: Re: Deleting files
To: None <>
From: Christian von Kleist <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 03/18/2003 03:49:51

     I've been using sync mounting, but I'd be willing to use softdeps as
long as I know it's stable.  If there's a chance of it borking my
whole filesystem I'm afraid of it.  :)

c v k @ z y b x . c o m

<quote who="Michael Kukat">
> Hi !
> On Mon, 17 Mar 2003, Christian von Kleist wrote:
>>      Why do deletion operations take so long?  Doing
> Are you using softdep or are you using "classic sync mounted"
> filesystems? async mounting is not really good, but softdeps improves
> performance drastically for such operations.
> ...Michael
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