Subject: SOLVED!!!Re: 164LX Alphabios to SRM update questions, need some more
To: bob smith <>
From: bob smith <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 03/03/2003 21:43:15
I posted that I was trying to get a 164LX to go from Alphabios to SRM.
I just could not get it to rollover.

I got help from a number of folks, thank you all!

Peter Petrakis, Dave McGuire, John McGeehan all give me good pointers 
and encouragement.

Well I found the secret.  Pretty simple but not well documented.
here is what you do - thanks to DEC Alpha Motherboards Firmwre Update Manual
on page 11.  It is a little cryptic so I will translate as best I can

Get a copy of the SRM frimware version you want to install.

Get a fresh blank msdos fat formated floppy

copy the SRM firmware version  to the floppy with the
name LX164SRM.ROM [this has to be the only file on the floppy.]

Hookup a monitor and keyboard to your machine.
[this is what worked for me with alphabios resident]

Make sure the write jumper is set up for the flash mem
[pins 2 and 3 - toward the CPU on my board]

Power up  the system

When AlphaBios logo comes up, hit F2.

When the sytem completes booting into alphabios menu,
select alphabios update. [On my version it ws the second selection]
Hit F10 to continue when it asks you if you want to continue and tells 
ya not
to interrupt it.

THe screen will show both write progress and verify progress.

when it is done, reset to be in SRM mode.

hope this helps someone!!