Subject: is it dead ?
To: None <>
From: Bruno DELFOSSE <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 11/29/2002 15:38:59

I tried to upgrade the memory of my alphastation 250 4/266, and now I can't get the SRM prompt
anymore. in fact the boot sequence does not seem to start at all: diagnostic LEDs keep on flashing
(the 3 LEDs on the right), so I cannot get a valuable diagnostic. Even if I put back my previous
memories, it does not change. I tried the Failsafe Loading procedure (boot on firware floppy after
moving J2 jumper), but it seems it does not go far enough into boot the  sequence to be able to do
it ....

Did I kill the motherboard or the CPU ? Please tell me I didn't !!!

Thanks in advance for any information.