Subject: Re: MP AS4100 hangs with 1.6?
To: Michael L. Hitch <>
From: Matthew Jacob <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 11/23/2002 11:38:44
On Fri, 22 Nov 2002, Michael L. Hitch wrote:

> On Tue, 19 Nov 2002, Dave McGuire wrote:
> >    The basic system installed fine (and *very* quickly!) but now I'm
> > trying to untar a big pile of stuff (tar file on the FC-AL array,
> > untarring to an empty filesystem on the system disk on the ISP1020) and
> > am seeing periodic hard hangs...the only thing I've been able to do is
> > hit reset.
> >
> >    Has anyone else seen this?  I'm about to boot a non-MP kernel to see
> > if the behavior changes.

>   I had been thinking maybe the problem was in the esiop disk driver, but
> if the problem you see is the same think as what I saw, the problem may be
> elsewhere.  If there were some way you could get your driver (I'm guessing
> it's the isp driver) to not negotiate wide synchronous transfers, it would
> be interesting to see if it would make your system stable.  I'm not sure
> how that would be done with the isp driver.

You have to edit NVRAM variables to do this.

But I doubt that the isp/1020 is at fault here- this has been very

The last time I ran my 4way 4100 under it seemed okay modulo some of the
obvious holes. I'll fire mine up again and try and get more up to date
(it's really out of date by now- it's been some months).

If you really feel there's an issue with the isp driver, contact me
offlist so we can try and figure things out.