Subject: UP1100 system for sale
To: None <>
From: Jeffrey Bridge <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 11/15/2002 08:23:00
Hey there folks, remember to please reply directly to me and not to the

UP1100 system put together by
 - 600HMz EV67
 - 2MB L2 cache
 - AMD 751 northbridge
 - onboard UDMA66, floppy
 - onboard 21143 ethernet
 - 3PCI, 1AGP
 - 2x USB ports
 - 2x 128MB PC100 ECC
 - symbios 53c895-based Ultra2 Wide SCSI adapter
 - 9.1GB 7200rpm Ultra160 SCSI drive
 - Matrox G400 (max?) AGP 32MB
 - Creative 52X IDE CDROM
 - floppy drive
 - mid-tower case with 400W ATX PSU
 - all original harddata components

Note that the API UP1100 motherboard seems to be very finicky about what
PCI cards you put in it. I fought against this thing for some time
trying to get it to work in an IDE-only configuration, and eventually
gave up. Also note that the CDROM drive sometimes needs a paperclip to

I'd like to get around $600USD for it, and if you think that's
unreasonable then make me an offer. I live in Houston, and pickup is
fine, or shipping for extra (it cost $33 to ship to me from Canada).