Subject: Re: X support on 3000/300LX alphas (turbochannel)?
To: None <>
From: Lieven Dekeyser <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/28/2002 10:11:07
> Is there any X support for the old 3000/300LX
> series turbochannel boxes in NetBSD?  I got the
> tcwscons working, and went looking for a server
> and found zilch.  I could have sworn there was
> a working X on these machines, at one time,
> although maybe I was thinking about Pmaxes
> instead.  Any leads to a mystical X for the old
> turbochannel boxes?

our 3000/300 machines work perfectly with X, but we had to compile the
kernel with the INSECURE option.