Subject: Re: wscons and tablets
To: None <>
From: Toru Nishimura <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/25/2002 12:10:48
Lieven Dekeyser <> wrote;

> Thanks to the answers of you guys, we've got 5 DEC 3000s up and running
> NetBSD 1.6.
> Everything works great, even X11, except for our "mouses", which are
> actually VSXXX-AB tablets.

I can give you (multiple) VSXXX-GA mouse (Logitech style, not a
hockey-pack).  Please make a contact to me if you want.

> As no-one has tried to use these things with
> NetBSD (or any other free unix os) before (I searched google), we'll have
> to find our own way to make these things work.

I'm one of them who made possible to have DEC3000/PMAX WSCONS and
convinced that it's eeeeasi to make the tablet working with WSCONS.  I can
even write and provide you test codes for your sake when programming
information was disclosed.  (WSCONS can/should distinguish mouse and tablet
when the device open(2)ed).

Toru Nishimura/ALKYL Technology/