Subject: wscons and tablets
To: None <>
From: Lieven Dekeyser <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/22/2002 00:52:42

Thanks to the answers of you guys, we've got 5 DEC 3000s up and running
NetBSD 1.6.

Everything works great, even X11, except for our "mouses", which are
actually VSXXX-AB tablets. As no-one has tried to use these things with
NetBSD (or any other free unix os) before (I searched google), we'll have
to find our own way to make these things work. I've seen some websites of
linux users who got all sorts of tablets to work by adjusting some xfree86
tablet modules, but all this includes a lot of tinkering with XF86Config
file, which XFree86 for netbsd alpha doesn't have because - I believe
(correct me if I'm wrong) - wscons is used for all screen/keyboard/mouse
input/output. And thus, I should probably fool around with wscons. Is this
correct, and if so, could anyone point me in the right direction? (which
configuration files to adjust, which source files to adjust, ...)

thanks in advance,