Subject: SRM Question
To: None <>
From: Lars <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/02/2002 10:19:17
Hi guys

How do i remove "devices" from the srm, my alpha keeps trying to find

ena0 (which i think is the 3com 3c90x ethernet)

but utterly fails each time, so i removed it since it didnt show up in 

>>> show dev

and replaced it with a intel eepro instead, this one the srm finds but
still gives out an ena0 error (paste below)

ff.fe.fd.fc.fb.fa.f9.f8.f7.f6.f5.f3.f2.f1.f0.                                                         hose 0, PCI                                                                                  
probing PCI-to-ISA bridge, bus 1                                                                              
bus 0, slot 5 -- eia -- Intel 8255x Ethernet                                                                  
bus 0, slot 9 -- pka -- Adaptec AIC-7880                                                                      
bus 0, slot 11 -- dqa -- CMD PCI0646 IDE                                                                      
bus 0, slot 11 -- dqb -- CMD PCI0646 IDE            
ec.f4.eb.ea.e9.e8.e7.*** Error (ena0), Network station address ROM has a
bad checksum                         

and when i do ls in the srm i see the ena0. device file, anyway i
can make the srm NOT to look for it? or is ena0 something else?

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