Subject: Re: jensen booting
To: None <>
From: Stanley Reynolds <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/01/2002 20:35:59
    So did NetBSD boot completely into the installer
you set the jumper?

    I've been waiting over a year to install NetBSD on
Jensen... If it now works, you've made my day :)


I have had this jensen for over a year also have spent
many hours trying to load something, any os and will
try netbsd but first I've tried vms 7.2 after reload
of firmware to version 2.2 vms hangs after printing
it's banner and before install options. Trying Redhat
linux 7.2 the install is running now my second
attempt. It may be several weeks before I try all my
options of OS and firmware and install options. It is
my understanding that the disk controler a 1742 is not
well supported in NETBSD, the generic kernal hangs on
the floppy controler but my other option a 2740 is not
supported by the firmware. I want to try a small disk
with the boot loader on the 1742 and the os on another
disk on the 2740 controler. I'am not sure if my
problems are not a combination of hardware and lack of
software support. I have been so close to getting this
thing to work that I'am hooked now and will keep
trying till the first person ofers me a trade for a
real computer.

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