Subject: Re: panic: consinit
To: Gnu Improved Media <>
From: Frederik Meerwaldt <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 09/30/2002 07:57:55
Hello John,

first of all, you should forget about NetBSD on AXP150 currently, as 
the AHA1742A code still seems to be broken.

> Entering netbsd at 0xfffffc0000301290...
> ctb->ctb_type = 0x4
> ctb->ctb_csr = 0x15
> ctb->ctb_baud = 9660
> panic: consinit: unknown console type 4

I assume graphical console is not supported on this box...

> Do not know enough about Serial Port Terminal Settings, can someone 
> point me in the right direction?

There's not much to know - just build a normal nullmodem cable and 
connect your PC to serial port 1 of the AXP150. Then use a terminal 
emulator of your choice to get to
your serial port with 9600 bps, 8n1.
If you don't have a keyboard plugged in to your machine, it'll 
automatically use the serial console.

> Is this a hardware malfunction?

I don't think so. You might try booting Tru64 (version 5.0 or lower), 
or OpenVMS/alpha.
Both should boot without problems.

> When I look inside the boxes, the simm memory in the box with the 4.29 
> HD looks normal every slot is filled with matching memory, in the 
> machine with the smaller drive, the 4 dual simm bays only have a 
> module in the top bay of the pair.   Is this normal?

Yes. The AXP150s have a somewhat crazy RAM-slot organization.

On I have a section about the AXP150, but I 
doubt it helps with your specific problems.