Subject: 1.6 packages for alpha?
To: None <>
From: Chris Rupnik <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 09/29/2002 11:43:17
 Is there someone with an alpha quick enough to upload the packages
collection for 1.6? Is this planned for some particular date? I'm about
ready to upgrade from 1.5 to 1.6, but require the following packages, but
would prefer not to build them on my little axppci33, unless absolutely



imap-uw-2000c University of Washington's IMAP, POP2, and POP3 servers
pico-4.0 Text editor (ships with Pine), and Pine's text editing lib
pine-4.33 Program for Internet E-mail and News
perl-base-5.6.0nb1 base installation of Perl
apache-2.0.16 HTTP (Web) server, version 2
netatalk-asun-2.1.3nb4 Netatalk appletalk file and print services, enhanced
by Adri
sudo-1.6.3p7 Allow others to run commands as root
gettext-lib-0.10.35nb1 tools for providing messages in different languages,
gettext-0.10.35nb1 tools for providing messages in different languages
libslang-1.4.4 Routines for rapid alpha-numeric terminal applications devel
lynx-2.8.3rel.1 Alphanumeric display oriented World-Wide Web Client
ucd-snmp-4.1.2 Extensible SNMP implementation
p5-CGI-2.75 perl5 module for writing forms-based CGI programs
p5-Data-Dumper-2.101 perl5 module for stringified perl data structures
p5-Devel-DProf-19990108 perl5 module for profiling perl programs
p5-Devel-Peek-1.0001 perl5 module containing a data debugging tool for XS
perl-mk-1.1 Note installed perl version for speedup
perl-5.6.0nb5 Practical Extraction and Report Language
mysql-client-3.23.35 MySQL, a free SQL database (client)
mysql-server-3.23.35nb1 MySQL, a free SQL database (server)
ttcp-1.12 TCP testing and performance measuring tool