Subject: how to update boot block ?
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 09/23/2002 13:40:11
I upgraded from 1.5.3 to 1.6 on a DEC3000/300.
I did "By hand".
Anyway when I boot the system this is waht reported:
NetBSD/alpha 1.5.2 FFS Primary Bootstrap
Jumping to entry point...

NetBSD/alpha 1.5.2 Secondary Bootstrap, Revision 1.10
(, Aug 17 23:50:47 MEST 2001)

VMS PAL rev: 0x100010538
OSF PAL rev: 0x2012d
Switch to OSF PAL code succeeded.

How can I update the boot block?

Do I have to install a new boot block??
How to do it?