Subject: RE: NetBSD on Dec 3000
To: Rufeng Li <>
From: Michael Kukat <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 09/19/2002 06:30:53
Hi !

On Wed, 18 Sep 2002, Rufeng Li wrote:
> Okay, I don't know much about these ports.  I just looked at the machine and
> it indeed has a DB25 male port.  However, the null modem cable I have is
> DB25 MALE in one end and DB9 female at the other.  Is there a DB25 female -
> DB9 female cable?  Or I need to find a converter?

So your cable is crap. The DEC 3000 hast the same connector like the PC from
your grocery store. Maybe your cable was made for Sun, then you just need a
gender changer. Maybe your cable is like my russian plotter cable, then you
also just need a gender changer. Do you have a serial blinkenlights adapter to
see the signals? This helps a lot. If yes, use it, if not... you have to wait a
bit longer for the result. Just try it with a gender changer on the 25pin side,
serial interfaces are usually very robust and don't break with 2 outputs
connected together.

The other alternative would be getting a _REAL_ null-modem-cable with 2 female
connectors. They also exist with both types (9 and 25 pins) on each end.

> If I understand correctly, I only need to unplug keyboard & mouse cable and
> plug in null modem cable and boot.  Anything else needs to be set?

I think this is everything. (Using 2 DEC3000/300 here)


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