Subject: Re: NetBSD on Dec 3000
To: None <>
From: Jochen Kunz <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 09/18/2002 09:18:48
On 2002.09.18 07:11 Rufeng Li wrote:

> I have a Pelican that runs DU 4.0F and want to switch to NetBSD, but
> don't want to use a serial console.  It's not clear to me if the new=20
> release 1.6 completely supports TC (i.e. both framebuffer and key=20
> board & mouse).=20
1.6 does not support wscons on TC framebuffers by default, but it can be
enabled after installation. You have to install the machine using a
serial console. Then build a TCWSCONS kernel
(/usr/src/sys/arch/alpha/TCWSCONS). See for
instructions. When the new kernel is booted you can use the local
framebuffer textconsole. Once this is running, all you need to get X is
startx(1) or xdm(1).=20
I have a DEC 3000-500 with PMAGB-B and 1.6 with X works well on it. Next
adventure will be a dual hed config...=20

Hmm. I think this should be included in the NetBSD-alpha FAQ.