Subject: What is the best method to load Netbsd on a Jensen ?
To: None <>
From: Stanley Reynolds <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 09/13/2002 10:40:15
I have a Jensen axp-150 which is not very easy to
load. I can not get the cdrom to boot. The cdrom works
on netbsd-vax and netbsd-pmax it's a RD43-A. Aboot on
the harddrive will boot and load a ramdisk from the
floppy. Using a DEC 3000/300 I loaded both 1.5.1 and
1.5.2 by swapping hard drives but both hang after
loading the fd0 driver. I prefer to load from cdrom as
my internal network doesn't support ftp ( problem with
proxy server ). I don't have the ECU disk for windows
NT, at this point I will try any OS. I have a vms disk
on order. Redhat linux 7.2 will not boot past aboot on
the 3000 or the jensen my best result is Redhat 6.2
which when the install hangs leaves me with one
session in the bash shell I can do ls of the cdrom
etc. Over the past few weeks have tried both 1.7 and
2.2 versions of firmware. The other reason I like the
cdrom install is that my skill level is low not sure I
can handle setting up a netboot. Is there a older
version of netbsd that may work like 1.4 ? And is a
iso image available ?     

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