Subject: Re: boot problem
To: Robert Manna <>
From: Paul Mather <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 07/28/2002 10:57:22
On Sun, Jul 28, 2002 at 10:26:06AM -0400, Robert Manna wrote:
=> Thanks for the tip.  I've been looking in the FAQ's on and have
=> not been able to find the answers.  Maybe I haven't been looking at the
=> right FAQ's but I've been trying.  Most of the information I've found as far
=> a setting up a system has assumed that everything works perfectly on first
=> boot.

To be fair, everything you've asked so far is answered in the INSTALL
documentation, which is a logical place to put answers to installation
questions. :-)  Look at "Post installation steps" (e.g., for
1.5.3-release): installation steps

I know the installation documentation is long, but it covers a huge
number of installation and upgrading scenarios.  Maybe somewhere near
the beginning it should highlight the sections you should be sure to
read, as I suspect many people quickly gloss past the pages and pages
of release notes and NetBSD history (why not make those appendices at
the end?).




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