Subject: kernel panic in 1.6_BETA4
To: None <>
From: Sean Davis <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 07/15/2002 20:34:47
Ok, a little background: I'm in the process of trying to upgrade NetBSD
1.5.2 to 1.6_BETA4 on my AlphaStation 600 5/266. A GENERIC 1.6_BETA4 kernel
works fine, but *EVERY* non-generic kernel I have built panics. Here is the

cpu_Debugger() at cpu_Debugger+0x4
panic() at panic+0x15c
__assert() at __assert+0x34
ltsleep() at ltsleep+0x114
isp_mboxcmd() at isp_mboxcmd+0x504
isp_update_bus() at isp_update_bus+0x338
isp_update() at isp_update+0x54
isp_start() at isp_start+0x1d4
isprequest() at isprequest+0x5c4
scsipi_run_queue() at scsipi_run_queue+0x26c
scsipi_periph_timed_thaw() at scsipi_periph_timed_thaw+0x74
softclock() at softclock+0x200
hardclock() at hardclock+0x698
interrupt() at interrupt+0xec
XentInt() at XentInt+0x1c
--- interrupt (from ipl 0) ---
idle() at idle+0x2c
mi_switch() at mi_switch+0x1a8
ltsleep() at ltsleep+0x310
scsipi_execute_xs() at scsipi_execute_xs+0x374
scsi_scsipi_cmd() at scsi_scsipi_cmd+0x1ac
scsipi_command() at scsipi_command+0xdc
scsipi_test_unit_ready() at scsipi_test_unit_ready+0x84
scsipi_set_xfer_mode() at scsipi_set_xfer_mode+0x100
scsi_probe_bus() at scsi_probe_bus+0x160
scsibus_config_interrupts() at scsibus_config_interrupts+0x88
config_process_deferred() at config_process_deferred+0x80
configure() at configure+0x6c
main() at main+0x4dc
locorestart() at locorestart+0x68
--- root of call graph ---

I don't see what the problem is in the config file. I generated it with
adjustkernel, and removed the commented lines.

Any ideas? I'm about to try -current on this machine, since I really want
a *recent* NetBSD for it, and GENERIC is way more bloat than I need.

The kernel configuration in question follows:

include		"arch/alpha/conf/std.alpha"

options 	INCLUDE_CONFIG_FILE	# embed config file in kernel binary

ident 		"JANE"

maxusers 32

options 	DEC_KN20AA	# KN20AA:	AlphaStation 500 and 600
options 	KTRACE			# System call tracing support
options 	NTP			# kernel PLL for NTP
options 	DIAGNOSTIC		# Cheap kernel consistency checks
options 	DDB			# kernel debugger

file-system	FFS		# Fast file system
file-system	MFS		# Memory-based file system
file-system	CD9660		# ISO-9660 CD-ROM FS (w/RockRidge extensions)
file-system	KERNFS		# Kernel variable file system (/kern)

options 	SOFTDEP		# FFS soft updates support.
options 	INET		# Internet protocol suite
options 	INET6		# IPV6
options 	COMPAT_43
options 	COMPAT_11
options 	COMPAT_12
options 	COMPAT_13
options 	COMPAT_14
#options 	COMPAT_OSF1
#options 	COMPAT_LINUX
options 	SYSVMSG
options 	SYSVSEM
options 	SYSVSHM
options 	LKM
options 	EISAVERBOSE		# recognize "unknown" EISA devices
options 	PCIVERBOSE		# recognize "unknown" PCI devices
options 	MIIVERBOSE		# verbose PHY autoconfig messages
options 	SCSIVERBOSE		# Verbose SCSI errors
options 	TCVERBOSE		# recognize "unknown" TC devices
options 	UCONSOLE		# users can use TIOCCONS (for xconsole)
options 	WSEMUL_VT100
config		netbsd	root on ? type ?
mainbus0 at	root

cpu*	at	mainbus0
cia*	at	mainbus?
pci*	at	cia?
pci*	at	ppb?
isp*	at	pci? dev ? function ?		# Qlogic ISP 10x0 SCSI
pceb*	at	pci? dev ? function ?		# Intel PCI-EISA Bridges
ppb*	at	pci? dev ? function ?		# PCI-PCI Bridges
tlp*	at	pci? dev ? function ?		# DECchip 21x4x and clones
isa*	at	pceb?
eisa*	at	pceb?
mcclock* at	isa? port 0x70
pcppi*	at	isa?				# PC prog. periph. interface
spkr0	at	pcppi?				# IBM BASIC emulation
isabeep0 at	pcppi?				# "keyboard" beep
midi*	at	pcppi?
com*	at	isa? port 0x3f8 irq 4		# standard serial ports
fdc0	at	isa? port 0x3f0 irq 6 drq 2	# floppy controller
scsibus* at	isp?
cd*	at	scsibus? target ? lun ?		# SCSI CD-ROM drives
sd*	at	scsibus? target ? lun ?		# SCSI disk drives
fd*	at	fdc? drive ?

pseudo-device	bpfilter	16
pseudo-device	ccd		4
pseudo-device	raid		8	# RAIDframe disk driver
options 	RAID_AUTOCONFIG		# auto-configuration of RAID components
pseudo-device	ipfilter	1
pseudo-device	loop		1
pseudo-device	md		1
pseudo-device	ppp		4
pseudo-device	pppoe			# PPP over Ethernet (RFC 2516)
pseudo-device	pty			# pseudo-terminals
pseudo-device	sl		4
pseudo-device	vnd		4
pseudo-device	gif		4	# IPv[46] over IPv[46] tunnel (RFC1933)
pseudo-device	vlan			# IEEE 802.1q encapsulation
pseudo-device	bridge			# simple inter-network bridging
pseudo-device	sequencer	1	# MIDI sequencer
pseudo-device	rnd			# /dev/random and in-kernel generator

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