Subject: Re: OT: 164SX Memory / No Boot
To: Anders Hogrelius <>
From: Andreas Johansson <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 07/04/2002 20:50:53
On Wed, 3 Jul 2002, Anders Hogrelius wrote:

> Sorry for the sort of OT message. Does anyone know if the 164SX takes
> standard DIMM memory or does it need some kind of special types?
> I finally got hold of a CPU for my board, but when i power it up it just
> sits there and won't boot. If i remove the memory i get the five beeps
> that means "No memory found", so the CPU seems OK. Either the memory is of
> the wrong type, or the MoBo is broken. :-(

Well, my 164SX runs with standard DIMM:s (no parity), but I had to try
several before I found working modules. It seems to me the motherboard is
picky on RAM timing/electrical characteristics.

If you have the opportunity I would suggest trying more memory modules
before drawing any conclusions.