Subject: Re: DEC 3000 Model M300L
To: None <>
From: Davor Kirin <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 07/02/2002 11:11:50
On Tue, 2 Jul 2002 wrote:

> Hi!
> recently I talked to Hubert and he suggested you could help me.
> I tried to install netbsd 1.5.1 on a dec alpha 3000. The box booted from
> cd-rom drive, but after "SWITCHING TO SERIAL CONSOLE" there was no further
> action... (I must add - there is no floppy drive available..)
> (Previously there were some information like
> Open netbsd: No such file or directory
> netbsd.gz
> netbsd.bak
> netbsd.bak.gz
> netbsd.dd)

netbsd on dec 3000 dont support graphical console. try install some
terminal program like SecureCRT or something like that on PC and connect
your digital via serial to PC.
i had same problem and this is only solution.