Subject: Re: generic HBA error messages on 1.6beta2
To: mel kravitz <>
From: Matthias Buelow <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 06/26/2002 01:16:50
mel kravitz wrote:
> I reported the same error dmesg generated on 1.5ZC back on may 20.
> This is related to > 1.0GB memory on the PWS machines. I reduced
> memory to ~640MB and the machine has been up since. see:
> Solution?

Hmm, did the machine actually run instable, or was it just that it
spit out the error messages (i.e., a rather false alarm)?
I could rip out a gig, the machine will only be our mailserver
anyways (we, as in for who I am writing here in my freetime, are a
non-profit org and got it donated) and I think 512MB or so will
be more than enough for that.  Still it would be nice if the bug
could be ironed out.