Subject: Re: off-topic: more free stuff
To: None <,,>
From: Lord Isildur <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 06/20/2002 11:57:44
ok, even more stuff free to a good home!
like the other post of free stuff, this is available for pick-up only. 
i also dont want to part out working machines, if someone wants something,
take the whole machine, and if its gonna be stripped for parts i dont 
want to know, because that would be a painful, sad end to a good
machine. there is no great hurry on it, it's mostly in my basement and 
can stay there til it finds a good home. 
heres the whole big list of stuff:

1 VAX 11/750
1 VAX 11/730
two boxes of Qbus boards
Tons of manuals
many TK50 cartridges
a couple TK50 drives
2 RA81s
1 TU80
1 omron luna 88k
the guts of a VAX6000, incl cables, backplanes, power supplies, and lots
 of XMI and BI boards
1 DECstation 5000/125
1 DECstation 5000/200
1 DECstation 2100
2 DECstations 3100
1 VAXstation 3100
1 ancient zenith laptop
tons of random parts, boards, disks, and cables
2 sparc IPX's
1 sparc IPC
1 sparc 2

happy hacking,