Subject: Re: PC164 questions
To: None <>
From: Jochen Kunz <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 06/20/2002 00:34:55
On 2002.06.19 20:27 Thor Lancelot Simon wrote:

> How exactly did you mount a heat sink? 
I drilled two holes into it for the bolts and screwd it on the CPU with
the nuts that where already on the CPU. I used a generic heat sink out
of my "parts box" that is 10cm x 14cm x 3cm. 

> The 21164 uses a very specific heat sink design and I can't
> imagine any standard sink fitting nor working working well. 
All a heat sink has to do is to drain the heat. It must drain it good
enough to prevent the CPU from overheating. If the CPU to ambient
thermal resistence is low enough every heat sink will do the job. I read
the specs in the "Alpha 21164 Microprocessor Hardware
Reference Manual". Unfortunately there is no sprec for the 500MHz
version given. (only 266 and 300MHz) The type of heat sink I used has a
typical thermal resistence of less than 1 K/W without forced air flow
(read fan), much lower with forced air cooling. So I can asume this is

> The correct sink needs to be mounted using a new grafoil gasket,
I used special heat conduct silicone paste.

> the correct aluminum nuts on the studs that come out
> of the CPU package, 
The nuts where already on the CPU.

> and the correct torque.
This is a problem that I have to solve. 

> Also, are you sure you have the right CPU? 
No. But the board came with that CPU in the socket and it looks like the
seller took the board only once out of the original DEC bag to shoot a

> I know of 533MHz 21164PC parts, but a 533MHz 21164A? 
How can I distinguish A and PC? What is the difference? 

> It's not normal that the oscillator would be missing. 
Frommy understanding of the manual this is normal. The PC164 manual
lists the folowing parts in the section "Supporting Products" with the
words "This appendix lists sources for components and accessories, some
of which are not included with the AlphaPC 164."
1. Oscillator
2. Heat-sink
3. PSU
4. Enclosure

> I'm not sure you're going to be able to get everything you need
> to make a board as stripped as the one you have functional.
I am still in the hope to add an other zippy Alpha to my NetBSD
collection. Please don't discourage me. ;-)