Subject: Re: PC164 questions
To: B . James Phillippe spamblock <>
From: Jochen Kunz <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 06/18/2002 23:37:27
On 2002.06.18 22:58 B. James Phillippe spamblock wrote:

> Does you PSU fan also not come on? 
The PSU fan was spinning. I pulled pin 14 (PSON) at the PSU connector
with a resistor to GND to force the PSU to on. 

> Your power supply probably requires
> normal ATX "soft power on" capability;
> the PC164 boards don't support this
I know. 

BTW: Meanwhile I found
There is the (expected) jumpering for 500MHz given. I will not whine if
I don't get the last 33MHz out of the board. I already have a PWS 500au
(Miata) running Tru64 and a 500MHz EV56 CPU is really fast enough for
me. :-)
Also, there is a table on page D-2 that says I need a 50MHz
quartz(oscillator) for a 500MHz CPU and that the quartz(oscillator) is
_not_ included with the board, as it depends on the CPU. So I know now
for sure that I have to get one. I think I need a complete
quartzoscillator, not a simple quartz. Still not sure about that. Hmmm.
Where is my multimeter...
[some measureing later]
A complete quartzoscillator with TTL / CMOS output is needed. 

But the question how to fake the CPU fan is still on the table.

BTW: What board / chipset has better memory throughput? 
PC164 / 21172 (with 256 bit memory bus) or PWS 500au / Pyxis? says 256 bit 21172
_may_ be faster. Are there somwhere real benchmarks?