Subject: RE: TGA video cards
To: None <>
From: Collin Baillie <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 06/17/2002 11:26:30
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From: mel kravitz []

> FWIW , i have 3 cards free to 'first come-first serve' these are:
> International users must pay fedX freight. respond if interested
> directly to me.
> -Mel

Has anyone had any success with, or does anyone know if it's even possible
to use a ZXLp-E3 in a Miata? I have one of these beauties in an AlphaServer
2100, and it works well there, but when I put it into my 600au, (either a
64-bit or 32-bit slot) it fails the post.

Is this because it's looking for a VGA card, and doesn't like TGA's??