Subject: Re: DEFZA-AA
To: None <>
From: Jochen Kunz <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 06/09/2002 23:02:26
On 2002.06.09 21:46 Robert Schaefer wrote:

> There are some google hits on port-pmax that indicated ~40Mb/s
> is all you'll see with a DEFTA, being as it's an older card. 
I know that, read it all... But I don't trust that ttcp measurements
much, as this numbers weren't taken by me. ;-)
Only 40MBit/s sounds a bit to low for my taste. I can not beleave that
DEC made that thing so slow. The SGI is of the same vintage and gets a
bit more then 80MBit/s easyly. I mean. DEC is a synonym for exelent IO

> [OT: OpenVMS _does_ support the DEFZA, doesn't it?]
I am no VMS head, but Tru64 5.1 still supports the DEFZA. So I think
your chances are good.

> Did you manage to get the FDDI card working with IRIX? 
Ahh, no, not the InterPhase VME card that you have in mind. I was told
that SGI made a special OEM version of that card with some hardware
patches and a completely other firmeware to get more throughput. SGI got
the card beyond 80MBit/s while the regular InterPhase version only could
get a bit less then 40MBit/s. Unfortunately I have the regular version.
I was reffering to the GIO64 FDDI card from SGI in my Indigo2, not the

> What kind of switch are you using? 
Cabletron ESX-1320. Works very well. Only 10MBit on the Ethernet, but
that is OK. My only 100MBit Ethernet machine is the PWS 500au that is on
the FDDI side via a DEFPA...