Subject: Re: DEFZA-AA
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From: Robert Schaefer <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 06/09/2002 15:46:08
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From: "Jochen Kunz" <>
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Sent: Sunday, June 09, 2002 03:21 PM
Subject: DEFZA-AA

> Hi.
> I know that this card is not supported by NetBSD. But is it worth to put
> time and sweat into writing a driver? i.e.: Can I suspect to get a
> reasonible throughput (>>50MBit/s) on my DEC3000-600? Or should I not
> think about driver writing and try to get a DEFTA, because the DEFZA is
> slow, no doc available, to complex (SMT not in microcode)...?

Having just aquired one of each (DEFZA & DEFTA), I not two days ago looked
around a little for that same info.  There are some google hits on port-pmax
that indicated ~40Mb/s is all you'll see with a DEFTA, being as it's an
older card.  I popped the DEFTA into the M800, and left the DEFZA in the
M300X.  I've got NetBSD on the M800, and I'll be putting OpenVMS back on the
M300X, so it can live peacefully in the VAXcluster.  [OT: OpenVMS _does_
support the DEFZA, doesn't it?]

> p.s. I have already some FDDI stuff running like the DEFPA in my
> PWS500au (Tru64), SPARC 5 (Slowlaris), the SGI Indigo2 R4k4 (IRIX) and
> the 10BaseT switch with FDDI uplink. So everything is in place to get it
> in use.

Did you manage to get the FDDI card working with IRIX?  What kind of switch
are you using?  I want to put a 8-16 port switch w/ FDDI uplink in my rack,
to reduce the number of cables coming out of it to one power and one fiber.
That should make it a little easier to move around!

> --
> tschüß,
>          Jochen