Subject: Re: Powersupply question.
To: Michael Kukat" , "Peter B <>
From: Chris Rupnik <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 06/06/2002 08:15:17
 I have an axppci and use a completely standard AT power supply (250W). The
3.3v is only needed if you use 3.3v PCI cards, and from I was told, there
are few if any of those.

 I will tell you that I smoked my previous 200W power supply when I plugged
in my 64 bit qlogic fiber channel card. As soon as I connected the drives
(which are powered by another enclosure), foomb and the puff of smoke. oh
well. There was a load on the system, there is a FDDI card, the qlogic, a
3com 100BT, and a couple other various ones (isa) in there too.

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Subject: Re: Powersupply question.

> Hi !
> On Thu, 6 Jun 2002, Peter B wrote:
> > I have an Digital AlphaStation 4/255 266 MHz that miss the power supply.
> > I have looked into the hardware documentation of the machine (online).
And it
> > seems that of the four power connectors. The two first (J19) seems
> > with standard PC AT-supply. While the second two are GND & 3,3 Volt. Is
> > true?  (I assume VDD is +5V).
> I assume, you can use a normal PC power supply here. This 2
connector-thing was
> common in older PC mainboards also, i have an ASUS dual-pentium board
> using the 3,3V-connector with this pinout also. As alternative, there is a
> card, which consists of just a heatsink and a regulator, to get the 3,3V
> Does the alpha CPU need 3,3V? You can first try to just connect the P8 and
> of your power supply, and if this doesn't work, you really need the ATX
> supply and have to create an adapter for it.
> This "Open" <> "PowerGood" stuff doesn't matter. As long as you don't have
> "Open" on power supply side and "Power Good" on Alpha side :)
> So, no guarantee, but i saw this before (maybe even on AXPpci33, there is
> optional 3,3V-connector).
> ...Michael
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