Subject: Re: Alternate method for netboot generation?
To: Jack Twilley <>
From: Roland Dowdeswell <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 05/29/2002 01:01:18
On 1022647559 seconds since the Beginning of the UNIX epoch
Jack Twilley wrote:

>The page at no longer
>I have a need to generate a couple of netboots, but I do not currently
>have NetBSD running anywhere.  How do I get around this catch-22?

Yes, my alpha which was hosting my web pages died with power-supply
issues recently.  It did provide almost four years of serving up
that page, though, so I can't complain.  :-)  But, this leaves the
page in a bit of a catch-22 situation.  Due to various reasons not
entirely under my control, I cannot run a web server on one of my
alphas, only on a shark.  The program that is used by those web
pages to generate the boot blocks is alpha-specific, I think, and
hence I can't do it.

To make a long story about the same length that it was before I
stated talking about long stories:  I'd like to ask for a volunteer
who has an alpha that can host the web page until such time as I
am able to get one of my alphas into a good 'net connectivity area
(which may be a while, my current co-lo provider is a friend who
doesn't like loud machines (hence the shark)) or until such time
as someone hacks /usr/mdec/setnetbootinfo to work on arm32 or perhaps
until such time as someone tells me that /usr/mdec/setnetbootinfo
``just works'' on arm32 and that I'm just doing it wrong...

Anyway, I thought that people might appreciate the rather run on

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