Subject: Re: Off-Topic: Goodbye to
To: Audun Arnesen Nordal <>
From: Brian Hechinger <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 05/15/2002 14:32:16
On Wed, May 15, 2002 at 01:09:38AM +0200, Audun Arnesen Nordal wrote:
> I've got around 250 gigs on a fairly good line (my university's) that I
> can set aside for a couple of weeks if need be. I see a lot of people is
> already downloading, so let me know if I should start grabbing. If people
> would like to "dump their dumps" with me, that too could be arranged.

i'm just now catching up with my mail, boy you kids have been busy. ;)

gatekeeper isn't going away.  that's great news.  but if you know suits as
well as i do, promises mean NOTHING, so take that new with a grain of salt.

as far as storage, i think i've found a source of CHEAP disks so i will be able
to max out my NetApp for a song.  when i get this together (need a new job
first of all) the NetApp will have 240GB of useable space.  i have a T1.  i
would be MORE than willing to dedicate the entire NetApp to the job of storing
a big gigantic DEC mirror.  if this needs to be done, than i am here to do it.

the questions are:

a) are we still going to be making mirrors?

b) how much space is *really* needed?

c) can everyone else split it all up and sit on it for a while until i get my
   act together here?

in regards to question c, i need to get a job first (shouldn't be too hard) and
i need to see if i can swing a deal with the guy on the disks.  the other issue
is that the disks all have EMC microcode, so i'll have to look into getting new
Seagate microcode loaded onto them.  that could prove to be fun. ;)

i'll post here once i have an update of any kind.

"when it absolutely has to be there oh, sometime in the next few weeks"