Subject: RE: Off-Topic: Goodbye to
To: David Woyciesjes <>
From: Lord Isildur <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 05/14/2002 17:40:52

On Tue, 14 May 2002, David Woyciesjes wrote:
> 	Hmmm, maybe you just have to go through and pick out what to keep? I
> wonder just how much of it is duplicated among and

or from to gatekeeper? im noticing some stuff is duplicated.. 

> 	This will all be organized into one big file tree, right?


> Personally, I thought the ftp site left a little to be desired, as far as
> organization goes...
again, yup.

> 	I can help with some admin crap, Isildur, if you like. Let me know,
> directly...

i will definitely take you up on the offer! 
Im hoping that saturday ill have this stuff online, minus whatever of 
gatekeeper i havent downloaded yet. I've got 2 gigs more of online disk, and
the reinforcements wont actually be on my desk til tomorrow. but i  will
certainly appreciate help in trimming redundant stuff from the trees! 
> 	Right now, it's time for me to go. 2nd chance playoffs for my pool
> (billiards) team tonight...

have fun,