Subject: RE: Off-Topic: Goodbye to
To: Brian Chase <>
From: Lord Isildur <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 05/14/2002 15:26:05
cool, yeah i shoudl have more disks on the way shortly to keep the data 
coming. Im at 5.1 gigs now. Once i have a full copy it would be very cool 
if you could mirror it too.. assuming it isnt insanely large.. i dont 
think ill be able to scare up more than 30 gigs or so (considering it's all
on free hardware scavenged from various places around the university) on 
short notice, but if its more than that i'll be downloading for a long 
while to come.. i definitely agree, lets no all slam the machines as 

On Tue, 14 May 2002, Brian Chase wrote:
> I've upwards of 12GB that I'd be willing to set aside for mirror of the
> site.  I'll wait until someone else gets a whole copy so we don't all
> slam gatekeeper.  I'm sure the people at Compaq are already wondering
> why the hell their site has become so popular today.

hehe yeah! as long as they dont throttle my connections, it will just be 
amusing that some guy is wondering why the hit rate just jumped up haha

> I don't run anonymous FTP, but I'd be able to make it available through
> my HTTP server.

cool. i havent had trouble with anon ftp, but thats mostly because even 
if there are holes, what kind of script kiddie is gonna have shellcode 
for a vax or a mipsel machine these days? hehehe

is somebody else still sucking down a copy of gatekeeper? 

happy hacking,