Subject: XalphaNetBSD multihead ?
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 05/03/2002 09:05:53

Though I still haven't figured out why that stupid tga2 card won't work
I decided to try something else. So now I've got a tga1 and a tga2 card
in my AS 600 and I'm trying to get XalphaNetBSD to use both of them
simultaneously. Both displays are detected and assigned to wsdisplay0
and wsdisplay1 respectively.

Now the documentation for XalphaNetBSD seems to be hard to find (for me, at
least) but I guess what I'm looking for would be the -dev : switch ?

Anyway, my problem is that I've got no idea how to map wsdisplay1 into
/dev/ttyF0 (?) if I need /dev/ttyFcfg.

Any help greatly appreciated,