Subject: RE: multia + arc not working?
To:, 'Little Buddah' <>
From: David Woyciesjes <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 02/22/2002 13:51:12
> ----------
> From: 	Little Buddah
> > 	Well, SRM doesn't see IDE drives, so you'll have to boot from a
> > floppy first, or a SCSI drive.
> I don't have the scsi card :( Anyone have one they are willing to part
> with cheaply? I know they sell em online but it's a little pricey for me
> right now...
	Huh? that short little riser is the SCSI card. What connectors are
on it?

	On my first Multia, I took the IDC cable off the ribbon connector,
and crimped on a salvaged Centronics -type external connector, and rigged it
to mount in the PCI hole, just so I could have an external SCSI connector...

> I have a pcmcia scsi card that i KNOW is supported by linux and bsd
> (adaptec 1460). Can I used that? If not then a floppy isn't a big deal...
	I personally don't know...

> > 	I have a copy of the latest firmware here...
> >
> and the arc setup files aren't there. The links look broken.
	Aww, bugger... have to fix that

> > > Ah well, if it ain't broke....
> > >
> > 	Hot-rod it! :-)
> Well i'm actually thinking of being adventurous and constructing a copper
> pipe + water cooling system. I figure with a little 1/4 inch compressable
> copper pipe, a small pump, and some water I can make a nice zig-zag tube
> through the case, between the heatsink fins, and back out... I can jacket
> the pipe to keep condensation from forming maybe... That might help a lot
> with the heat. Since i didn't pay for the multia i'm not sure i'd be
> HORRIBLY upset if something awful happened to. It might be worth screwing
> around with.
	Here's one tip. Open it up, and replace the fan with a higher output
one. Or, you can clip the thermal resistor off of the existaing fan. That
will allow the fan to run at full speed all the time.
	If you are going to water cool, look at some of the OC sites for
info. And crank up the speed of it while you're at it... ;-)

> Anyway, thanks for the help so far everyone.
> Should i spent time trying to get arc to work or just go with the floppy
> boot?
	If you're gonna use just NetBSD, I wouldn't worry.

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