Subject: Re: multia + arc not working?
To: Little Buddah <>
From: Rumi Szabolcs <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 02/22/2002 01:24:01
On 2002.02.21 at 19:06 Little Buddah wrote:

>Hi all, I'm a linux/bsd guy for several years now (if it weren't for bsd
>my decstation would be almost useless!) and I recently got my hands on a
>Multia (166mhz).
>When i got it the rom was empty because the battery had long since died. I
>replaced the battery with one that i knew was weak, but it was the best
>one I had. I ran the failsafe disk and then flashed the rom with the image
>from udbupd38.img (or something like that) and now when I boot I get the
>SRM console.
>I want to install either bsd or linux on it (not sure yet) but I hear you
>need to use the ARC console for that. So i type "arc" and the system says
>"loading the ARC firmware" or something like that and then it hangs. No
>output, no keyboard activity, etc... If i reboot the machine it tries to
>go into arc by default and does the same thing.

i dont think you really had to reflash it to work just because
of the battery. it should have been booting with just the battery
replaced. make sure you flash a firmware that is both having the
SRM and ARC because as far as i know are SRM-only firmwares
out there as well...