Subject: current snapshot adn twsconsole
To: None <>
From: Collin Baillie <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 02/13/2002 00:17:07
Hey guys,

I recently updated my Dec 3000/400 to the December 23 2001 snapshot of
1.5ZA. I've recently aquired a PMAGB-B and a HP A1097D 19" monitor for it,
and would like to compile a kernel with TWSconsole.

I've trying to download the src from that day via cvs, but it fails with an
unexpected EOF on some file in the m68k arch directory.

Just wondering if you're intending on making another snapshot anytime soon,
as th current src tarball gives a lot of 'deprecated' warnings and fails to
build. If someone builds a new snapshot, I'd probably get that and then get
the syssrc from current.

Unless someone can give me a tarball of the kernel src from when that
snapshot was done.