Subject: Unsuccessful chip replacement attempt
To: NetBSD/Alpha <>
From: Jack Twilley <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 02/07/2002 19:50:22
I killed my Multia.

I used a Dremel to remove the failed chip, and that almost worked.
A couple of lands came up, and a couple of legs didn't come off.  The
soldering iron removed the leg fragments, but it also revealed that
the grinder had also taken out several traces.

I attempted to install the chip, but my soldering skills were
suboptimal.  I won't even insult the machine with an attempt to boot.
I'm just going to throw it away and unsub from the list.

Thanks for the tips.

Jack Twilley
jmt at twilley dot org
http colon slash slash www dot twilley dot org slash tilde jmt slash