Subject: re: sysctl & process limitations (fwd)
To: Randy Arabie <>
From: matthew green <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 02/03/2002 12:39:47
   ERROR 1105 at line 11: File ./geeklog/userinfo.MYD not found (Errcode: 23)
   Looking at a few newsgroup postings, I beleive this is due to resource 
   limitations.  Specifically, I may have reached the max open descriptors 

errno 23 is ENFILE -- max open file descriptors for the *system*.
34 is EMFILE -- max open file descriptors for this process.  it
sounds like you should perhaps build a new kernel with a larger
`maxusers' ?  are you running lots of other stuff on this box that
would cause all the fd's to be used?