Subject: Re: AS1200 problems
To: None <,>
From: David Hopper <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 02/01/2002 11:17:26
David Hopper wrote:
> Jason R Thorpe wrote:
> >
> >On Thu, Jan 31, 2002 at 03:42:14PM -0800, David Hopper wrote:
> >
> >> I have been having frequent memory management faults on my AlphaServer 1200
> >> 5/533.
> >> [...]
> >
> > It's really weird that both $pc and $ra are 0.  It's almost like you
> > have a trashed stack (restored bogus value into $ra, and then executed
> > a ret, putting that bogus value into $pc).
> >
> > Can you use gdb to tell me what $pv points to?
> >         -- Jason R. Thorpe <>
> I came in this morning to yet another fault, during a build compile of
> f_enum.c; this time with a full debug kernel + symbols

...and two more faults this morning, one on sed, the latest on nbmake. 
Here's a full register dump from the latest, the nbmake fault:

Let me know what else I can report.

}show registers
v0	0x6
t0	0xfffffc00005dfa20	db_onpanic
t1	0x1
t2	0xfffffc004fff8000
t3	0x1
t4	0
t5	0
t6	0xfffffc0000533a72	fmt.144+0xf73
t7	0xffffffffffffffff
s0	0xfffffe0023e89398
s1	0x8	rettmp
s2	0xfffffc0000637b60	msgbufp
s3	0xfffffc00005e0688	msgbufenabled
s4	0x100	rn+0xe0
s5	0x2
s6	0xfffffc00005bbfec	msgperiod.210+0x1ce4
a0	0x6
a1	0x7ffffe7cc0003d0
a2	0xfffffcf980007aa0
a3	0x6000	rn+0x5fe0
a4	0xffffffffffffffff
a5	0x8	rettmp
t8	0x1e	framesz+0xe
t9	0
t10	0x4ab8ff9e43c0
t11	0x1fc1eacb
ra	0xfffffc00003aab88	panic+0x168
t12	0xfffffc0000509920	cpu_Debugger
at	0xfffffc00005e0670	sched_whichqs
gp	0xfffffc00005d4f98	special_symbols+0x8160
sp	0xfffffe0023e89318
pc	0xfffffc0000509924	cpu_Debugger+0x4
ps	0x6
ai	0x1fc1eacb
pv	0xfffffc0000509920	cpu_Debugger
cpu_Debugger_+0x4:	ret	zero,(ra)

cpu_Debugger() at cpu_Debugger+0x4
panic() at panic+0x168
trap() at trap+0x93c
XentMM() at XentMM+0x20
--- memory management fault (from ipl 6) ---
f30save() at    0
f30save() at    0
--- root of call graph ---

}examine pv
pv:     210022