Subject: Re: Good news, bad news
To: Jack Twilley <>
From: Michael Kukat <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 02/01/2002 08:24:20
Hi !

On Thu, 31 Jan 2002, Jack Twilley wrote:
> I'm not quite as skillful at soldering as you, and I suspect my
> soldering iron is still packed.  I will probably replace the chip, but
> it's possible that won't change the behavior at all, and that would suck.
> Michael> ...Michael
> Any other suggestions?

Not really. I got these Multias with the comment "2 are working, in one, SCSI
is broken". Okay, none of them worked stable in any way, no VMS, no Tru64, no
NetBSD. After replacing the chips, everything worked fine... You should really
find someone who could replace the chip, as the possibility that it is broken
is near 99% i assume.

Some tricks for de-soldering it:

Get an old relay coil, so you have this coated copper wire. Put the wire below
the chip, and fix it at one place, a bit away from the chip. Now you can use
your soldering iron to heat the pins, one at a time, and pull the wire out to
lift the pin off the board. After this, check, that all pins are free, none
is soldered to the board. Do this on both sides of the chip.
Alternatively to this, you can use any tool to just cut away the wires from
the chip (as near at the chip body as possible).
Then, use a screwdriver or a knive to remove the chip (it is glued to the
board). If you used the alternative way, you have to remove the pins with the
soldering iron now.

Clean the pads, and the chip is gone, you can put in the replacement part now.

If you don't have a suitable soldering iron (maybe a 12W needle is the best
way, but with a little practice, you can use a 30W iron with 1mm tip, as i
did), ask a friend, and if you never touched any SMD parts, you should give
this job to a friend, i think you'll find one who does this for one or two
beers :)

But in general, you can really say: "My Multia does strange things? Ok, the
623 is burned." So, you should replace it as a first try.

Good luck!


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