Subject: AlphaStation 400 MAJOR PROBLEMS
To: None <>
From: Jackie Estacado <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 12/30/2001 11:10:24

I recently brought my AlphaStation 400 out of the closet. Unfortunately
both drives were low-level formatted. When I threw both hard drives,
(configured correctly) into the DEC, I booted into a blank screen with
a static "_" character on the lower left screen. The eight
LED's on the Processor Card with all Jumpers in their default
positions displays the following (GREEN = LED Light ON, OFF - LED Light

D10 - Green
D11 - OFF
D12 - Green
D13 - OFF
D14 - OFF
D15 - Green
D16 - Green
D17 - Green

There is no corresponding Hex Value or explanation to these LED
formations in the Technical Manual.

Also, when I move jumper 5 to position 1-2 to enable floppy boot, the
system issues beeps in the following sequence 3-2-3, which according
to the manual means there is no floppy in the drive. The drive does
contain a floppy. The pre-formated (The quick option was NOT used) floppy
was created in a DOS machine running mkboot.exe. I downloaded the
as400_v72_1.exe file, renamed it to fwupdate.exe and ran the following
command to create the boot disk, "mkboot fwupdate.exe a:".

After the system issues the beeps, the LEDs on the CPU ends up in the
same formation as illustrated above. All cables have been triple

I also popped in my terminal to the COM1 of the AlphaStation 400.
No luck. Terminal shows nothing. I've tried this with and without
the keyboard. My main purpose is to install NETBSD on the machine
and run a simple webserver for a department with a very tiny budget.

Any further assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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