Subject: Re: mouse
To: Michael G. Schabert <>
From: Robert Elz <kre@munnari.OZ.AU>
List: port-alpha
Date: 12/30/2001 16:09:50
    Date:        Sat, 29 Dec 2001 16:10:05 -0500
    From:        "Michael G. Schabert" <>
    Message-ID:  <p05100300b853db27440c@[]>

  | pms0 at pckbc0 (aux slot)

To use a wheel mouse, your kernel is going to need to have pmsi
instead of pms configured.

I see none of the alpha configs have pmsi (even commented out)
though, so perhaps that code has never been tested on the alpha.
There might not even be support for the pmsi driver in the "files" files.

You could try building a new kernel with pmsi replacing pms
that is ...

	pmsi*    at      pckbc?

and see what happens.  If it builds correctly, it will probably
work correctly, though the alpha X server might not understand the
wheel (it should work as a third button when pressed, perhaps not as
buttons 4 & 5 when scrolled).

I've never bothered trying NetBSD on an alpha with a mouse connected
(nor a keyboard of video card), so I'm not sure how much work is going
to be needed to make this function - but I suspect this is the right
direction to be headed.