Subject: Re: Who is booting Alpha AXP 150 (aka Jensen)
To: None <>
From: Duane Eddingfield <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 12/27/2001 19:10:14
On Thursday 27 December 2001 14:46, wrote:
> a 3Com EISA NIC weren't found. The DE425 shouldn't be a problem of course

    For NetBSD its not at all. I also have a icen EISA 3c597-TX but the ECU 
disk the I finally tracked down on 3Com's old site appears incomple. You know,
missing one of those funny file names that start with ! and are mostly
digits :|
> I had 32 Meg in mine, and it ran, even as NFS server.

    Really.. I am impressed that up to 5.0 at least, you could install a very
usable system in under 1 GB.   I know I'm going to get roasted for saying
this.. But NT4's performance surprised me for the short that it remained
on the machines after I received them. Sure looked better than on an equal
clock speed Intel.