Subject: Re: Who is booting Alpha AXP 150 (aka Jensen)
To: None <>
From: Duane Eddingfield <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 12/27/2001 18:45:34
On Thursday 27 December 2001 08:49, Wilko Bulte wrote:
> Did you run the ECU config floppy? T64 hates a not-correct EISA config
    I have a ECU for each one of them, and new CMOS batteries too.
> Jensen has no future ;-)

    Hey the DEC3000 is getting better supported all the time.. I wish mine
worked :-(   And the Jensen boots part way, it just needs a bit more work..
And I'm uh, assuming the whomever built the "jensen-sable-lynx" kernel
atually booted it on something....  And it would almost complete the total
product line, i.e. NetBSD will even run on a VAX!!  I'm dying to try booting
it on the DreamCast box that the graphics people play games on :))